At ProClear Water Solutions, we pride ourselves in being a locally owned and operated water treatment company in Lubbock, Texas. We understand that our success depends on your satisfaction, and we will go above and beyond to exceed your expectations! Call us for your Lubbock water softener and Lubbock water filtration. If you need a water softener in Lubbock, look no further!

A water softener in Lubbock is a must! Lubbock water is classified as extremely hard. When it comes to the water you use for drinking, bathing, cleaning, and cooking, your family deserves the best. At ProClear Water Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing water treatment systems for commercial and residential customers. We firmly believe that everyone should have great water and protective systems to prolong the lifespan of water heaters, appliances and plumbing fixtures. The experts at ProClear have over 30 years combined experience in Lubbock water treatment. ProClear Water Solutions is the clear choice for Lubbock water softener installation and Lubbock reverse osmosis. 

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